My Story

​I wanted to be a mountain-climber, a race-car driver, a sailor, a traveller, a chef, a pilot, an astronaut and what not, I wanted to experience every thrill that life offers to a professional.  I couldn’t be all at the same time, but I could create all the thrills and capture them for life-long remembrance. I could see the enchanting pyramids of Egypt and yet feel the snow of mountain Fuji. I could have an adrenaline rush from racing a car and yet feel the calmness of reaching ashore on an island. I could feel the drizzling rain in a forest and gaze blissfully at an elephant herd in snow caps.  That’s what a photographer can have and be in just one lifetime.

Vat-Kat Photography

“I aspire for my photos to be an extension of my soul which gifts

others a deep sense of beautiful calmness in their heart.”